The History of Annalee Collectibles




I was first introduced to Annalee Collectibles in the mid 1990's working retail. These cute collectibles caught my eye but it was not until I was middle aged and became a picker/collector myself that I had more curiosity about these cute pieces.

Annalee dolls were first produced in 1934 from a family whose chicken farm business failed turned doll maker in New Hampshire. Meredith the wife of the family had always had a passion for making dolls but by the 1950's was forced to pursue her childhood dream in order to make ends meet for the family.  The original Annalee dolls were in human formed and reflected the everyday life of her young children.

It was not until the 1970's that Annalee dolls were transformed into mice faces with various expressions and hobbies.Since their creation Annalee dolls have become a desired tradition for holiday gifts and seasonal decorations. 

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