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The History of Annalee Collectibles

      I was first introduced to Annalee Collectibles in the mid 1990's working retail. These cute collectibles caught my eye but it was not until I was middle aged and became a picker/collector myself that I had more curiosity about these cute pieces. Annalee dolls were first produced in 1934 from a family whose chicken farm business failed turned doll maker in New Hampshire. Meredith the wife of the family had always had a passion for making dolls but by the 1950's was forced to pursue her childhood dream in order to make ends meet for the family.  The original Annalee dolls were in human formed and reflected the everyday life of her young children. It was not...

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The Miniature Doll House Fascination

The Miniature Doll House Fascination  By:Jayne Cremasco Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many miniature enthusiasts. What fascinates them about seeing familiar objects in a tiny, realistic form? Much more than a child's plaything, building doll houses, and ultimately decorating and furnishing them in a theme of your choice, has become an adult hobby. The only way to improve on that, is to have a daughter or grand-daughter who can share that interest and passion with you. Personally, my miniature interest lies in antique miniatures and dolls, more so than in modern works. The strange thing about that is the fact that antique pieces were seldom created with a true eye to...

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Doll Collecting Changes and Trends

Doll Collecting Changes and Trends By: Jayne Cremasco   The past 25 years have seen tremendous changes in the collectible doll industry. Until that time, collectors only had antique dolls, or newer children's dolls to add to their collections. As there were relatively few "new collectibles" to purchase, the market on these "played with dolls" and antiques was vibrant and exciting. There were many doll shows scattered all over the country, and a visit to one would find three types of dolls available, antique dolls, rescued discarded play dolls, and booths featuring doll makers wares. Doll makers were many, with their work ranging from dreadful to stunning. Flea markets also found doll sellers, usually of the "discarded child doll type",...

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